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Liposuction Patient #28

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23-year-old female presented to Dr. Shridharani’s aesthetic plastic surgery practice, LUXURGERY, in New York with the desire to achieve a more defined jawline and contour of her chin. The patient’s primary concerns were fat excess of the submental region and horizontal necklines and creases. Being concerned with the fullness in this region for several years, the patient had explored other non-surgical options requiring multiple treatments, which would not allow for her desired outcome. As a result, the patient elected for submental liposuction, which does not require multiple treatments. She also proceeded with a good skincare routine and microneedling with PRP for an improvement in the horizontal necklines. The patient is pictured 1 week prior to surgery and 9 months after her procedure. She is extremely pleased with her beautifully contoured jaw and neckline.

Age: 23
Procedure: Liposuction

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