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Liposuction Patient #12

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31 year-old female presented to LUXURGERY with Dr. Shridharani in NYC for liposuction to her calves, ankles and knees. She is a model and actress and she was worried about any on-screen close ups of her legs. She said that she rarely ever wore skirts and shorts because she was so unhappy with her thicker calves and ankles. She said even as a child she was teased for having “cankles.” She underwent liposuction to the ankles, calves and medial knees. She is pictured here 1 week before the procedure and 1 year after procedure. She is ecstatic with the results and she says she has never been so happy to show off her gorgeous legs! She subsequently underwent a breast lift with Dr. S and is very happy with the natural results. She states that no one has been able to tell that she had any surgery, which was her goal.

Age: 31
Procedure: Liposuction

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