Innovative Body Contouring Without the Need for Surgery

body contouringAt LUXURGERY©, Dr. Sachin Shridharani offers his trademarked Surgery in a Syringe℠ treatment, which can deliver permanent results without ever having to make an incision. The magic lies in Kybella®, the world’s first FDA-approved fat-dissolving injectable that Dr. Shridharani has successfully used off-label to transform patients’ lives through empowering non-surgical treatments.

If you are interested in toning your body and reducing fat without liposuction or other procedures, read on to learn more about what Surgery in a Syringe℠ may be able to do for you.

How It Works

Kybella permanently dissolves subcutaneous fat cells using deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body. By destroying these cells, Kybella injections also stimulate more collagen through a process called neocollagenesis. This leads to not only a slimmer look but a more toned appearance.

Dr. Shridharani can inject Kybella into various parts of the body to permanently dissolve unwanted fat while tightening and thickening the skin. By strategically and precisely targeting fat cells only in the treatment area, Dr. Shridharani eliminates a patient’s need for invasive surgical procedures.

Treatable Areas

Dr. Shridharani has spent years developing Surgery in a Syringe℠. As such, he has made sure to deliver his services to as many areas as he can safely do so. These include the jowls, the chest, arms (bat wings that women get as they age), the areas where fat can roll around your bra, both in the front and the back, the abdomen—which can include love handles, and various areas around the legs, including the ankles.

Is It Painful?

No. Dr. Shridharani and the team ensure patients are completely comfortable during their procedure. A local anesthetic can be applied to minimize the feeling of the injections further. Patients report feeling nothing or a mild sting. Also, Dr. Shridharani is a highly skilled injector, so he knows how to administer Kybella in different parts of the body while minimizing discomfort to his patients.

Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals

At LUXURGERY© in NYC, Dr. Shridharani delivers exceptional patient care through state-of-the-art treatments. His trademarked Surgery in a Syringe℠ is only available at our office on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Explore how Kybella can eliminate fat on different parts of the body by visiting our interactive Surgery in a Syringe℠ page.

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