Show Off Your New Arms This Summer With a Lift

Caucasian beautiful girl holds hair in hand, raise up hands.A stylish summer wardrobe requires the uncovering of our arms. This is the time to prepare your arms for their best show with a lift – known in the medical field as brachioplasty. The natural aging process causes the upper arm area to lose its elasticity, resulting in the skin hanging down and swaying – also unfortunately known as  bingo wings.

Arm Lift Benefits

Sagging skin and excess fat in your upper arm area can be reduced, with a new slim contour created through the skills of Dr. Sachin M. Shridharani, a renowned, Manhattan-based plastic surgeon.

The projected look of an arm lift:

  • Sagging skin that droops is reduced
  • Localized pockets of fat are reduced in the upper arm
  • Supportive tissue is tightened and smoothed
  • Upper arm shape is defined through contouring

You May Be a Candidate for an Arm Lift

If you desire firm and sculpted upper arms, a lift may be your solution.

You are a candidate if:

  • You’ve experienced bodyweight loss that has left you with excess upper arm skin
  • Your diet and exercise regimen has not been successful in reducing and firming your upper arms

An arm lift may be your answer to a firmer and more youthful upper arm look.

Arm Lift Surgery Procedure Basics

Arm lift surgery is performed under light, general anesthesia using liposuction in conjunction with the latest laser technology. Excess fat is skillfully removed to sculpt and contour the upper arms into a more desirable look. Excess skin is then removed using the most updated technology. Scarring is carefully hidden so as not to be visible when arms are in repose.

The procedure basics:

  • Liposculpture of the upper arms
  • Fat is skillfully removed using a laser and cannula to sculpt the arms
  • Following pre-surgery markings, incisions are made to remove excess skin
  • Arm skin is re-draped and closed with skillful sutures to hide and minimize scarring

Reach Out and Discuss Your Desired Upper Arm Look

To decide if you should have an upper arm lift, schedule a consultation with the renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sachin Shridharani, located in the epicenter of New York City by calling 212-508-0000.

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