Tummy Tuck Surgery goes Beyond the Basics

Tummy TuckCarrying a child or losing a significant amount of weight are each impressive in their right. If you have done either, let alone both, you can bask in the sense of pride in your accomplishment. The results can give you a lifetime of joy. On the other hand, the effects of pregnancy or the weight that you once bore may remain on your body, inciting a whole new issue for your confidence. Stretched skin sometimes doesn’t bounce back. Tissue far beneath the surface, as well, may not tighten up, no matter how much you work it. In such instances, abdominoplasty, or the tummy tuck procedure, may be the optimum approach to the body you want.

The Basic Aspect of Abdominoplasty

There is a general objective to abdominoplasty, and that is to reinstate the internal structure that has been loosened or lost. When the muscles of the abdominal wall are excessively stretched, separation may occur. If it does, no amount of crunches will bring them back together. Even when the rectus muscles do not fully separate, severe laxity can dictate the limit of tightening through exercise alone. Abdominoplasty addresses the issues that are deep beneath the surface, restoring the foundation on which a six-pack may be built (if you so choose).

Different Paths to the Same, Beautiful Result

Abdominoplasty is a customizable procedure that is tailored to each. First, we look at overall body type. Women tend to enjoy an hourglass figure, whereas a masculine waistline is more tapered at the bottom than the top. The needs of each patient are also varied based on their medical history, current health and lifestyle status, and their personal preferences. We perform a thorough consultation with each patient to assess their unique needs. The information obtained during the initial visit will enable us to plan the appropriate abdominoplasty procedure.

Not every person needs a full, or classic, abdominoplasty. Some patients reach their objective with a mini tummy tuck, which centers around the lower abdomen, below the navel. In other cases, an extended tummy tuck is most appropriate, spanning around the sides to sculpt a larger circumference.

The Issue of Fat

Abdominoplasty is not performed to remove unwanted fat. The goal of this procedure is to sculpt the midsection. If excess fat is a concern, a tummy tuck may be preceded by liposuction.

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