Thinking about Breast Reduction? You want to know these Details!

Breast Reduction nyc | LuxurgeryBreasts procedures number in the hundreds of thousands pretty much every year. Among them, it is a breast augmentation with implants that tends to be what people think of first. However, breast reduction surgeries are becoming more common. Breast size being too large is, in fact, as troublesome (if not more so) than having too little breast tissue. We see the benefits that our NYC breast reduction patients experience, and we want to share some of them with you. If you’re on the fence about having this procedure, seeing what is possible might be your tipping point.

The Matter of Confidence

You get it. We know. A woman wants to feel confident about her body, and breast size has a fair amount to do with this. Let’s go deeper. One of the words that we hear from women’s mouths when they discuss the downside to having large breasts is “embarrassed.” A woman with large breasts is not necessarily embarrassed about her body; she is embarrassed by the attention given to it. You have no control over breast development. And yet, you are on the receiving end of remarks and other experiences that focus only on this body part. When this happens to women, confidence may be all but lost. Breast reduction may let you be seen as you, not as your breasts.

Let’s Shop!

Something that many women with large breasts may hate to do is the shop. This is understandable, as it can be difficult even to find a bra that fits well and retains it supportive function for any length of time. Even with the advances that have been made in the area of intimate apparel, we hear that our patients wish they had more choices for undergarments that are both comfortable and attractive. It isn’t only bras that are a challenge for the large-breasted woman, everything from dresses to tank tops to bathing suits can be an intimidating and frustrating purchase.

Let’s get Physical, Physical

You may not remember that song by Olivia Newton-John, but it was a hallmark of the fitness craze of that era. Wearing tight-fitted body-suits, the singer jumped and pranced without a care in the world. No woman with large breasts would find this type of activity appealing. The very thought of aerobic exercise may make you wince with discomfort. It is not so far-fetched to realize that a smaller breast size could pave the way to a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Breast size should become you, not define you. Let’s talk about breast reduction. Call Luxurgery at (212) 508-0000.




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