Are You Feeling Hesitant about Lip Fillers? We Might Know Why!

Closeup of beautiful sexy plump woman lips with lipstickLip injections are performed every day in plastic surgery offices and medical spas across the country. Still, amidst their popularity, they remain somewhat of a mystery to some people. Often, when a patient visits us for their first lip filler treatment, they confess that they have thought about making an appointment for weeks if not months. There is one big reason for their procrastination that stands out above all others: fear of pain. Hesitancy about lip fillers isn’t about doubting their results and benefits but about the expectation of pain. So, do lip injections hurt? We’ll discuss that here. 

What Are The Benefits Of Lip Augmentation?

We’re not trying to skirt the question by talking about the benefits of lip injections, we promise. In fact, we’ll state right up front that getting lip enhancement may not be the most comfortable thing a person does. The lips are by nature one of the most sensitive areas of the body. That said, Dr. Shridharani uses techniques that make the procedure more comfortable and also more conservative. Now on to those benefits:

With dermal filler injections, we can achieve:

  • Greater control over enhancement. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used for lip augmentation immediately bind to water molecules. Patients can see their transformation as it occurs and determine how much enhancement they want in a single sitting. 
  • Great results with minimal side effects. Swelling is a common side effect associated with lip injections. Due to the visibility of the area, patients who are new to lip enhancement may choose a more subtle result at their first visit. Swelling typically subsides over several days. By the end of one week, the true outcome of lip injections should be apparent.  

But Does it Hurt?

Circling back to the big question, do lip injections hurt, our answer is no. Pain and discomfort are two different things when it comes to injectable treatments. The products used for lip enhancement are made with lidocaine so, after the single puncture with the tiny microcannula, patients feel very little. Using the microcannula, Dr. Shridharani limits treatment to one or two pokes, as opposed to many. This is possible because the thin cannula can safely be inserted to the farthest point of the injection and then withdrawn slowly as the dermal filler is deposited in a uniform line. 

If you are interested in lip injections and are concerned about pain, don’t procrastinate, contact us! Our team can discuss your concerns and how we can work together to make your lip filler experience as pleasant as possible.

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