Why Liposuction is not about the Scale

 Liposuction NYC | Lipo Manhattan Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure known for its efficacy in sculpting the body. This surgery attains outstanding results, which is why it tops the “popularity” list year after year. Interestingly enough, the familiarity of liposuction leads many people to think they know what is possible with this procedure, and what is not, and also who liposuction is “good for,” and who is not a great candidate for surgical body-sculpting. The thing is, some of the most prevalent assumptions are all wrong.

Liposuction is for Sculpting, not for Fat Reduction

One of the reasons that so many people have the wrong idea about liposuction is because this procedure is often known as “fat reduction.” Of course, it would be described as such. Liposuction does extract fat cells from an area of the body so it can be smaller and more proportionate! However, there is more to this story than the simple removal of fat cells. And this is an important detail because it enables more patients to see that:

  • Liposuction and the scale have nothing to do with one another. If the goal is to move the scale, diet and exercise are the answer. Liposuction is a procedure to make the body look better, more streamlined and slim.
  • Liposuction shouldn’t be ruled out just because you’re thin. Sometimes, a patient who is thin will exclude themselves as a candidate for liposuction due to a perception of this procedure being for fat reduction. A healthy body weight is good and makes a person a good candidate for body sculpting with liposuction.
  • Fat is gone for good, but weight management is still important. We don’t gain weight and circumference because we have grown too many fat cells, but because the cells we do have are being fed too much. After liposuction, fat cells can still grow larger if patients do not live a healthy lifestyle. With nutritional management and routine physical activity, there is no reason  not  to expect the results from liposuction to last many years.

Don’t get the wrong idea about liposuction, get the facts. Schedule a consultation in our New York City office to learn more.

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