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miraDry New York City, NYNow that we’re closer to summer than we’ve been in months, there is a lot to look forward to. As appealing as it may be to think of the warmer days ahead, once we’re a sweaty, smelly mess in the middle of that backyard barbeque, we’re not so thrilled. Before you find yourself in that position, pop on into Luxurgery for miraDry®, your new warm-weather essential.

What is miraDry?

Progress in the area of hyperhidrosis has been relatively limited throughout the past several decades. First, we had prescription-strength antiperspirants. Then, clinical usage for therapeutic purposes discovered that Botox had yet another superpower: temporarily shutting down sweat glands. These were significant steps forward, but miraDry goes farther. This FDA-cleared procedure achieves permanent results in people of all skin tones.

The way that miraDry works is by targeting sweat glands with microwave energy that permeates the skin and superficial fat in the underarm. Energy gets absorbed as heat, not only in the sweat glands but also in the hair follicles. The resulting destruction of each stops sweat and hair production in the area, safely and virtually without any pain.

According to studies, people who received miraDry treatments experienced as much as 82% reduction in sweat within one to two treatments. The procedure takes one to two hours and is conducted after numbing with a few lidocaine injections. After miraDry, the underarms may swell and appear red. The degree of these side effects varies from one person to another. By day three after treatment, the skin should be back to normal, minus the sweat.

Undergoing miraDry can be a life-changing experience. Results can last several years, if not permanently, according to current research. What a concept, to be able to go through this summer, and every other summer ahead, without the concern of dark circles on clothing or odor when you raise your arms! We know the damper that excessive sweating can have on a person’s self-esteem, which is one of many reasons we’re pleased to offer miraDry as a permanent solution.

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