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FIKA-Chocolate-PillsAt LUXURGERY© we are proud to share a unique and exclusive partnership with FIKA NYC, an exclusive and chic chocolatier and coffee house in New York City. At LUXURGERY© the ambition is clear—making sure each visit to our practice has you departing excited and very pleased with your procedure. At FIKA, the ambition is also clear—making sure the time you spend with them leaves you smiling and fulfilled.

At LUXURGERY©, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of professionalism and consider ourselves privileged to be involved in your care. Does this sound familiar? Everything served at FIKA is with the highest quality and care in mind. FIKA believes in quality without compromise, and in showing love and care each step of the way.

This fun and elite partnership allows LUXURGERY© to reach beyond the scope of the traditional “Doctor’s office” and share something special with you that is good for your spirit. The right procedure in the right patient can lead to an uplifting feeling. Let FIKA for LUXURGERY© “chocolate pills” add to your experience.

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