Sarah Duzan | Patient Experience Coordinator

Sarah Duzan is the Patient Experience Coordinator at LUXURGERY. Born and raised in marvelous New York City, Sarah began work in the medical field at age 17 as a receptionist. She simultaneously began her first semester at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC. Sarah was able to maintain an excellent GPA while working and attending classes, demonstrating commitment to excellence in all pursuits.

At LUXURGERY, Sarah welcomes patients into the office and ensures that they have an amazing experience from beginning to end. As a key team member to LUXURGERY, Sarah aims to provide an outstanding experience at Dr. Shridharani’s practice.

Sarah is an avid creative writer, reader, photographer, and musician. Her love of art and culture stems from her upbringing in a diverse neighborhood in Queens, New York and a personal ethnic fusion of cultures.

(212) 508-0000