Facial Surgery in New York City with
Dr. Shridharani

No other area is more visible than another person’s face. From birth we are programmed to smile and welcome the sight of a soft, natural and pleasant aesthetic face. Harmony in the eyes, nose, mouth and neckline is desirable. As one ages—skin laxity, years of muscle usage, and sun damage all contribute to the “aging face.” Likewise, certain minor changes to the nose can overall improve one’s entire profile and bring coherence to the other facial proportions. Understanding the underlying skeletal structures that support the skin and soft tissue is imperative to create symmetry and harmony. Access incisions need to be placed in areas that do not draw attention. The dramatic improvement after surgery is actually meant to be subtle and make others question whether or not anything was even “done.”

At LUXURGERY, we are proud to offer the latest techniques and help you attain your goals in achieving safe, lasting and beautiful facial surgery results.

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