QWO Cellulite Injections: How Does This Treatment Stack Up to Others?

Cellulite is one of the most common beauty concerns to affect women. It is estimated that 90 percent of women develop some degree of cellulite in their lifetime. This is true across all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. It has been a common school of thought that cellulite is a fat problem. While it’s true that […]

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2021
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Are You Feeling Hesitant about Lip Fillers? We Might Know Why!

Lip injections are performed every day in plastic surgery offices and medical spas across the country. Still, amidst their popularity, they remain somewhat of a mystery to some people. Often, when a patient visits us for their first lip filler treatment, they confess that they have thought about making an appointment for weeks if not […]

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Natural Breast Augmentation: The Pros and Cons of Using Fat

Breast augmentation has been one of the leading plastic surgery procedures since it was first introduced over 50 years ago. Historically, a woman wanting to enhance the size and shape of her breasts had to choose between saline or silicone, over-the-muscle or submuscular, and few other details. Today, women have the choice of enhancing breast […]

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Summer is Coming to an End, Let’s Refresh Your Skin!

As we begin to pack up our summertime items and schedule the last of our days spent in the sunshine, it’s a great time to start thinking about ways to replenish the skin. It isn’t just the sunlight that can lead to long-term damage and collagen depletion. The skin absorbs all sorts of nasties from […]

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Facial Rejuvenation: An Evolution for the Ages

The concept of anti-aging is aeons old. We’ve come a long way in just a short time. The first facelift occurred just over a century ago and, while that may sound like a long time to most of us, it’s a drop in the bucket when we think about how long humans have been searching […]

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Why You Should Visit Luxurgery for Your Mommy Makeover

For many years, the Mommy Makeover procedure has been performed across the country to help women of all ages feel better in their own skin. We don’t really like to say that this series of procedures can help a woman “get her body back.” That’s because we know it can be even better. The fact […]

What to Do About Your Aging Neck

Getting older comes with some expected changes. We know we’ll see a few more creases around the eyes and on the forehead. We may know that our jawline could soften into jowls at some point. We know our joints may creak now and then. There are often unexpected changes, too. An aging neck is one […]

Challenges to Weight Loss

Fat. We avoid it in our diets so as to avoid it on the body. Fat is something that gets talked about frequently. We wonder how we can manage it well enough to maintain the shape we want throughout the decades of life. As such, we often hear advice about weight loss and management as […]

How to Maximize Your Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck process can seem intimidating. It may feel like forever between the day of surgery and the day you get to see and feel the full benefit of your procedure. Our team is committed to making every patient’s experience as easy and fruitful as possible. We assure our tummy tuck patients that they […]

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