How Long Does miraDry Last?

Are you tired of sweating through your clothes? Tired of the stress and anxiety in social situations from having excessive sweat? Ready to feel confident in whatever you wear? MiraDry is an innovative solution that can eliminate excessive sweating for good. What Is MiraDry? MiraDry is a device that treats hyperhidrosis — excessive sweating. The technology destroys […]

The Easiest Cellulite Treatment Ever

While diet and exercise help some, uneven texture and dimples from cellulite are found even in the most athletic people. Cellulite isn’t a fat issue. Instead, it’s a skin issue. Liposuction can actually worsen it, as cellulite seems to form when there isn’t much support under your skin. Removing fat decreases the already missing support and can […]

plastic surgery for men

The Most Popular Types of Plastic Surgery for Men

Plastic surgery for men includes both surgical and non-surgical techniques. If you have any desire to improve your appearance, you are not limited to simply aging with grace. Dr. Sachin Shridharani of LUXURGERY© in NYC is a true specialist in men’s aesthetics, and he offers various treatments that can help you address concerns and boost your […]

body contouring

Innovative Body Contouring Without the Need for Surgery

At LUXURGERY©, Dr. Sachin Shridharani offers his trademarked Surgery in a Syringe℠ treatment, which can deliver permanent results without ever having to make an incision. The magic lies in Kybella®, the world’s first FDA-approved fat-dissolving injectable that Dr. Shridharani has successfully used off-label to transform patients’ lives through empowering non-surgical treatments. If you are interested […]

Surgery in a Syringe℠: Conquering Stubborn Fat With KYBELLA® Treatment

If you wish to target stubborn fat in hard-to-treat areas where other non-surgical methods may not have been as effective, off-label KYBELLA treatment may be beneficial for you. Here’s how Surgery in a Syringe℠ can help you. Understanding Off-Label KYBELLA Treatment KYBELLA® is a brand name for a substance called deoxycholic acid. The substance is naturally synthesized by […]

Surgery in a Syringe

How a TubelessTuck℠ Redefines the Tummy Tuck Experience

A tummy tuck, also referred to as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate excess fat and skin from the abdomen while also tightening the underlying muscles. The surgeon carefully separates the skin and fat from the underlying muscle, which creates an incision that must undergo recovery. Drains play a crucial role in the recovery […]

Chemical peels

What Skin Improvements Can You Expect With Chemical Peels?

If you’re looking to address signs of aging, alleviate the appearance of scars, or rejuvenate your skin, chemical peels can help. They provide an excellent, time-efficient, non-invasive way to address common skin issues. Learn what you can expect with chemical peels and how different types of peels can address various skin conditions, helping you achieve the skin […]

skin rejuvenation

Your Top Holiday Skin Concerns Solved

The holiday season is hectic, and it can catch up to our skin. Natural shifts in the temperature come November can also usher in a season of dryness, itching, and cakey makeup that we so desperately want to avoid at our holiday parties. Luckily, there are a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments that can help you look […]


What Is CoolSculpting and Does It Work?

CoolSculpting is a procedure that is performed on individuals who have stubborn areas of body fat. This technique is used to smooth out areas that are otherwise not affected by diet and exercise alone. There are many benefits that come with this procedure. With a better understanding of what it is and how it can help, […]


All About QWO® for Cellulite Treatment

Millions of men and women across the globe struggle with cellulite. Previously, the only solution to help combat this problem was a minor invasive procedure. However, now, there is another option available. QWO® is a type of non-invasive medication that is prescribed to help moderate to severe buildup of cellulite. This medication is injected into the […]

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