Renuvion (J-Plasma)

What is Renuvion aka J Plasma with Dr. Shridharani in NYC?

Formerly called J-Plasma, Renuvion is a tool that Dr. Shridharani is using frequently at his New York City practice to supplement treatments like Liposuction and laser/smart lipo to tighten skin and give patients the “wow” factor they are looking for after treatment. Renuvion can also be used as a stand-alone treatment but for patients with decent skin quality and mild to moderate skin tone.

How does Renuvion work?

The key to Renuvion’s impressive skin tightening is the combination of helium gas and radiofrequency energy. When delivered under the skin, the RF energy causes the helium electrons to become excited. This creates a plasma beam that has unique qualities. When the beam comes into contract with the undersurface of the skin it causes contraction and tightening that are unmatched by other current technologies such as ultrasound, RF in isolation, or laser energy. The plasma heats the undersurface, but at the same time the helium is much cooler than laser energy, making Renuvion a much safer alternative for skin tightening.

What’s the difference between Renuvion and other types of skin tightening treatments?

You’ve likely heard of other means of creating the wound-healing mechanisms in the skin that lead to increased collagen production and overall skin tightening. These treatments use either laser energy or radiofrequency energy to attain their results. The problem with these treatments is that if the energy levels used are too high there can be damage to the tissue causing burns or scarring.

Renuvion is different because helium plasma only requires a small amount of radiofrequency energy to activate the helium gas. This leads to a release of ionic energy. The combination allows Renuvion to deliver better skin tightening at lower temperatures with virtually no risk for tissue damage. That’s in contrast to laser treatments that rely solely on heat energy to trigger the skin’s wound-healing response in the dermis.

What are the benefits of J Plasma?

For patients who don’t like the way their skin is sagging and losing some of its firmness, but aren’t ready for a surgical procedure, Renuvion can be a great option. This innovative treatment causes extensive skin tightening that endures. Plus, to gain access to deliver the helium/RF plasma, Dr. Shridharani requires only tiny incisions that heal without sutures, requiring just Steri-Strips to close.

These are minimally invasive treatments that provide impressive skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Am I a good candidate for Renuvion treatment?

The best candidates for Renuvion skin tightening treatments at Luxurgery have mild to moderate sagging in the areas they seek to treat. Dr. Shridharani has had excellent success for tightening loose skin across the body in our patients from across the city.

It’s important for patients to have good skin elasticity to be a candidate for Renuvion skin tightening, however. That’s because the helium/RF plasma energy will trigger a contraction that can only occur if the skin is still somewhat elastic. For those with more severe skin sagging, surgical excision (such as a facelift, neck lift, or arm lift) would still be a better option.

How many Renuvion treatments will I need?

Renuvion is intended as a single treatment on the targeted area. Of course, when patients see their results with Renuvion on one area, they often make an appointment for another area with loose, sagging skin.

Where on the body does Dr. Shridharani use J Plasma?

The stomach, back, inner and outer thighs, arms, bra fat, the waist, and flanks are common areas that Dr. S treats. Pretty much almost anywhere on the body that Dr. Shridharani performs liposuction or sees skin laxity, he can use this treatment effectively and safely to tighten the skin as a stand alone or in conjunction with the lipocontouring.

Renuvion can also be used on the neck and jawline but Dr. Shirdharani would not go past the jowls with the treatment.

What is the Renuvion procedure like at LUXURGERY©?

The way the procedure works is by delivering helium-based plasma energy to heat essential parts of the skin whereby triggering a lasting tightening effect. Dr. S treats the underside of the dermis (skin) by placing a probe through tiny little incisions (3 millimeters), smaller than even the liposuction incisions… The heat and the plasma cause a shrink wrap effect of the skin. Dr. Shridharani calls Renuvion the closest thing to the holy grail of skin tightening and skin quality improvement.

What is recovery like after a Renuvion treatment?

Your skin will be red, and you may have some minor swelling after these treatments. There can also be slight bruising at the insertion sites of the Renuvion wand. These issues usually resolve in 5-7 days. For most patients, however, they look fine to go out in just 2-3 days. Any discomfort is easily manageable with over-the-counter pain medication. Downtime is minimal, and these are easy treatments to tolerate.

How big are the incisions for J Plasma treatment?

The tiny incisions, that are just a few millimeters wide, deliver a rapid heating followed immediately by cooling only heating the tissue and collagen without diffusing to the surface of the skin. Unlike other heat-based skin tightening treatments that can leave burns, the likelihood of causing a major complication or burn with the Renuvion seems to be less, according to Dr. Shridharani. 

In the operating room after completing the liposuction portion of the procedure, Dr. Shridharani will immediately treat with Renuvion in the same areas that are being treated with liposuction to tighten skin. Patients likely do not have to come in for a second treatment.

How soon after Renuvion treatment with Dr. Shridharani should you expect to see the results?

Patients will see results within the first few weeks after treatment and as early as 6 months after treatment, an overall more tightened appearance will begin to take shape. However, you will have to wait around 9 months to a year to be treated again for a second treatment if desired.

Can I combine Renuvion treatment with surgical procedures?

As mentioned above, Dr. Shridharani now adds Renuvion’s cold plasma energy to most of his liposuction procedures. Renuvion adds the skin tightening that helps the skin adjust to its new slimmer contours once the underlying fat has been removed. But Renuvion may also be added to other surgical procedures such as an arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck, or after weight loss surgery.

If you’re interested in combining Renuvion with a surgical procedure, discuss your goals and plans with Dr. Shridharani during your consultation and he’ll tell you if he feels the combination is right for your unique situation.

Who is not a candidate for J Plasma treatment?

Patients who would not be considered good candidates are patients that need skin removal in procedures like a tummy tuck.

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