Dermal Fillers in New York City with
Dr. Shridharani

At LUXURGERY, Dr. Shridharani and his team are proud to offer the full spectrum of available FDA approved dermal fillers – class of injectables approved to temporarily improve volume in the midface, cheekbone area, nasolabial creases, lips, marionette lines, smile lines, kisser’s lines, temporal hollows and other areas of the face. As one ages, it is normal to see a reduction in fullness in certain areas of the face leading to a less oval and upside down triangle shaped face. One often notes a more square face as a result of gravity and volume loss. Even in youth, patients are often seeking more fullness in their lips and cheekbones to slightly accentuate these areas. When done safely and properly, beautiful facial harmony and symmetry can be obtained.

At his private practice in New York City, Dr. Shridharani offers: