Where has Dr. Shridharani Lectured?

Dr. Shridharani travels around the world lecturing on cosmetic surgery and injectable procedures. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others while training them on his techniques. Click an area below to learn about Dr. Shridharani’s lectures in that area.

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Virtual Cadaver Lab with Dr. Sachin M. Shridharani

Honored to teach around the world. Privileged to have something to say. Touched someone wants to listen.” – Sachin M. Shridharani, MD, FACS Thank you to our TWO THOUSAND plus colleagues and friends from around the globe who attended the Virtual Cadaver Lab.

Dr. S Shares International Symposium at the Aesthetic Blueprint

Dr. Shridharani’s Lectures in the United States

Dr. Shridharani is honored to lecture in various cities across the United States as an authority on cosmetic surgery and injectables. As an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and renowned expert injector, Dr. S leads advanced training sessions on, but not limited to, his no-drain tummy tuck technique, Surgery in a Syringe℠ body contouring treatment with Kybella/Belkyra, and safe injection techniques. Dr. Shridharani is privileged to have been involved in these numerous programs and will continue to share his expertise at home and abroad with peers and colleagues.

Dr. Shridharani’s Lectures in the Middle East

Kybella/Belkyra Launch in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Shridharani was chosen to launch Belkyra in Saudi Arabia. It was an honor to speak at a very special event, which took place in Jeddah and Riyadh. Dr. Shridharani helped launch Kybella in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by using his expertise to lead an advanced scientific training that helped improve aesthetic outcomes and patient communication.

Kybella/Belkyra in Delhi, India
Dr. Shridharani flew to Delhi to meet with top officials at the India Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dr. S’ work with Allergan and his expertise have the potential to allow billions of individuals to have the option of Kybella/Belkyra injections. Dr. S has performed over 2,000 treatments and he is considered the world’s leading expert on Kybella making him a formidable top plastic surgeon to speak on behalf of the Surgery in a SyringeSM.

Dr. Shridharani’s Lectures in Europe

Dr. Shridharani speaks at the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) Annual World Congress 2017 in Paris, France

Dr. Shridharani was privileged to be selected to speak in France at the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) Annual World Congress 2017: Redefine Beauty. Dr. Shridharani was honored to educate his peers in Paris on his co-authored research pertaining to Belkyra/Kybella and submental fullness at one of the largest multi-specialty conferences dedicated to aesthetic medicine in the world. Dr. Shridharani and the LUXURGERY Team were greatly honored to be included amongst the top cosmetic surgeons in the world. 

Belkyra/Kybella Lecture at the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco

Dr. Shridharani was selected to speak at the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco. While in Monte-Carlo, Dr. Shridharani lectured on Belkra/Kybella to nearly 2,000 plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic physicians from over 50 countries.

Kybella/Belkyra Launch in Madrid, Spain

Dr. Shridharani having some fun in Madrid!

Dr. Shridharani was selected to launch Kybella/Belkyra in Spain by sharing his expertise to lead an advanced scientific training that helped improve aesthetic outcomes and patient communication. He was honored to speak at a very special event hosted by Allergan, which took place Madrid and shared his expertise with Kybella.

Kybella/Belkyra Demonstrations in Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Shridharani was chosen to speak at the Allergan Medical Institute for their annual International Meeting that took place in the Czech Republic. Dr. Shridharani traveled to Prague to educate his peers from Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa at this prestigious conference with the top aesthetic physicians from all over the world. He performed 5 live Belkyra/Kybella injections and cared for patients while there.

Kybella/Belkyra Launch in Rome, Italy

Dr. Shridharani was selected to speak at a very special event in Italy. While in Rome, Dr. Shridharani launched Kybella for the Italians, Swiss and Austrians. Dr. Shridharani helped launch Belkyra in Rome by tapping into his vast experience and was privileged to collaborate with colleagues and global leaders in aesthetics.

International Global Thought Leaders Meeting in Athens, Greece

Dr. Shridharani went to Athens, Greece to attend an International Global Thought Leaders Meeting. Dr. S explored the latest technologies and innovations from Galderma while conducting live workshops for his Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, and Aesthetic Physician colleagues.

Kybella/Belkyra in Sweden

Kybella/Belkyra in Bulgaria

Dr. Shridharani Lectures in Bulgaria

Dr. Shridharani visits Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Shridharani’s Lectures in Asia

Kybella/Belkyra launch in Taipei, Taiwan

Dr. Shridharani traveled to Taipei to perform the international launch of Kybella/Belkyra in Taiwan as the world’s leading expert on this treatment for the second time. Dr. S gave his expert advice on how to safely and effectively use this product to his fellow colleagues in Taipei. Dr. S is honored and privileged to be recognized as the world authority for this treatment and for this assisting the second launch of Kybella/Belkyra

Kybella/Belkyra in Hong Kong, China

Dr. Shridharani went to Hong Kong as a Global Thought Leader and Moderator for Allergan to run a Kybella Master Class. He was responsible for teaching his fellow colleagues how to safely use Kybella/Belkyra. Dr. S taught hundreds of these colleagues the importance of facial assessments and understanding the anatomy of the patient to achieve the ideal outcome.

Kybella/Belkyra launch in Seoul, Korea

Dr. Shridharani visited Seoul to teach his fellow colleagues in South Korea how to safely use Kybella/Belkyra by performing the international country launch. Dr. Shridharani worked with and trained premiere Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Aesthetic Physicians on how to productively and safely utilize this product.

Dr. Shridharani’s Lectures in Australia

Dr. Shridharani speaks about Belkyra/Kybella at the Australian Medical Aesthetic Congress (AMAC) in Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Shridharani was chosen to educate his peers at the Australian Medical Aesthetic Congress (AMAC) in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Shridharani educated his peers on Belkyra/Kybella at the flagship event of Medical Aesthetics with over 300 clinicians in attendance.

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