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What Are Classic Signs Of The Aging Neck?

The hallmark signs of the aging neck are due to three major factors:

  1. Skin laxity and stretching
  2. Extra neck fat resulting in the appearance of a double chin
  3. Loosening of the platysma neck muscle which often leads to the appearance of central neck bands/cords

What Is The MINT Lift?

The MINT Lift is Dr. Shridharani’s non-surgical approach to neck rejuvenation.

  • Minimally
  • Invasive
  • Neck
  • Tightening

Who Is A Good Candidate For The MINT Lift?

Individuals hoping to have an overall improvement of the neck and jawline without undergoing surgery are the best candidates. Having realistic expectations of non-surgical procedures is important.

MINT Lift Procedure

The procedure is a combination of various non-surgical treatments to improve the contour of the neck and jawline. The process entails treating the fat with Kybella, treating the extra skin with lasers to tighten the skin, and treating the loose muscles of the neck with Botox.

How Does The MINT Lift Work?

The MINT Lift works by first addressing the additional fat in the neck aka double chin by having Kybella (FDA approved world’s first permanently fat dissolving injectable). Kybella not only permanently helps get rid of the double chin, it also has an added benefit of tightening the neck. After the fat has been dissolved, patients can have laser treatments to their neck skin to help tighten loose skin and improve overall appearance, especially if there is sun damage involved. Finally, the loose neck muscles can have Botox administered to help relax tense muscles that lead to signs of an aging neck.

Is the MINT Lift Safe?

The MINT Lift is a safe procedure to have performed. A final determination of a patient’s candidacy depends on one’s overall health and will be assessed at the consultation with Dr. Shridharani.

Is The MINT Lift A Substitute For An Actual Neck Lift?

No. A well-performed neck lift is the still the gold standard for total neck rejuvenation. Dr. Shridharani performs neck lifts, but also recognizes the needs of all of his patients. Some individuals cannot have the down time associated with surgery or are not good candidates for surgery; however, they still want to look and feel better. It was from these concerns that Dr. S developed the MINT Lift.

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