Real Patient Reviews & Testimonials

At Luxurgery success is measured not only by surgical results, but by patient care and satisfaction. We take great pride in being closely involved in our patients’ journeys to ensure optimal outcomes.
We are honored to have our lovely patient bravely share her experience with us and address all her pre-op concerns. Blinda came in with a desire to undergo a breast augmentation after years of consideration. Now, she’s just 12 DAYS out from her procedure with Dr. Shridharani and recovering wonderfully! Listen carefully to her describe her journey.

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The following reviews are based on verified patient experiences collected by Ratings.MD. The ratings and comments are submitted by patients after their visit and reflect their own views and opinions.

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Real Patient Testimonials

For my 60th birthday, I decided to have the web-like features in the front of my neck tightened and to finally do something about the droop under my eyes that has dogged me for years. I began what I thought would be a process of comparative interviews among several doctors, but upon my first interview with Dr. Shridharani, I knew right away that I wanted to be under his care. I felt quite skittish about having cosmetic surgery performed and I could tell that he absolutely heard my issues and saw precisely what I wanted to achieve – very specific and subtle changes only. It was important to enter upon this process with confidence, and as I continued to meet with Dr. Shridharani he was boundlessly patient and sensitive to the many questions that I needed to have answered in preparation for my surgery. His staff complemented this style as well with gracious care and support. After my surgery, the Dr. paid bedside visits over the next two crucial days in my recovery to make sure that I was comfortable, stable and to be on hand to address my questions moving forward. I cannot believe how much better I look at this relatively early stage, and my friends are astounded at the progress that I am making each day. I have already been asked to refer Dr. Shridharani to querying friends and I am only too happy to oblige. I feel as if I am in the midst of a true artist and someone who not only has impressed me with his capabilities but has earned my esteemed respect.

I got my first Lipo done in Switzerland but after a while I realized that the result was uneven and I was unhappy. So I got another one from another top plastic surgeon in Manhattan and after a couple of months was faced with an uneven result again. At that point I pretty much gave up on it until my friend told me about her surgeon Dr. Shridharani who revised her poorly done breast augmentation she got in CA. I was so impressed with her results that I consulted him and decided to have another lipo with him. I am stunned how great it turned out! It is exactly what I always imagined but the other doctors didn’t manage to give me. Dr Shirdharani is an amazing doctor who has always made me feel comfortable and has been there for me with his kind staff at every step of my recovery. I would recommend him to anyone, he is a true artist!

I had my first experience with Dr Shridharani about a year ago. I had a full tummy tuck with flank lipo and I can’t believe how great I look! My hip scar is almost completely faded. I have used him for my botox, and today just had filler put in my lip as I have some asymmetry due to a scar on one side. I can’t believe how perfect my lips look!! Not bigger or ‘done’ but even and fabulous. And as a bonus I walked out of there after both botox and the filler with zero swelling or bruising. I travel over 2 hours to see him. I would not go anywhere else

I am originally from California and recently moved to Manhattan and was in need of a new plastic surgeon for botox! A friend recommended me to Dr. Shridharani, and I will never need another! Absolute perfect botox, the best I have ever had, no bruising at all and as an added bonus he is such a CUTIE & a gentleman 🙂 I look forward to my next appointment!

Dr. Shridharani recently helped me get rid of something on my body I was embarrassed of and didn’t want on me, and not only did he get rid of it, but there is no scar whatsoever! It is as if it was never there at all. I am so grateful for Dr. Shridharani’s work and he was so kind throughout the whole process! I would even go as far to say that I had fun being at the office!! THANK YOU! Other surgeons should take notes 🙂

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Shridharani and his practice. From the first appointment he made me feel very at ease and comfortable, and it only became more-so the case as my procedure moved forward. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon in NYC! (or ANYWHERE for that matter!! Would totally be worth the trip) Dr. Shridharani is in my opinion the #1 cosmetic surgeon in the tri-state area.

Dr. Shridharani came highly recommended, and I was more than impressed with his knowledge, skill, and gentle bedside manner. I made the appointment for Botox, and he made me comfortable enough to try some juvederm injections as well. He gave me a tour of his beautiful, state-of-the-art practice including his OR and recovery rooms where patients can stay up to 23 hours. I have never met a doctor more passionate about his work and his patients’ satisfaction. I have been to several plastic surgeons in this city over the years, and he is by far the one I would recommend.

Dr. S was very professional. Great bedside manner. Felt completely at ease & his treatment didn’t hurt a bit. Answered all my questions honestly. Great referral from Johns Hopkins, The best of the best here in NYC!! All my girlfriends want his number – beautiful office on fifth ave!! Shopped at bergdorfs right after lunch at ciprianis 1 block away! No downtime.

I was very nervous to get something done because I have never had anything done, ever. Dr. Sachin was great! He was very calming and professional with great recommendations for natural results. I HIGHLY recommend him in every capacity.

I had a wonderful experience from the friendly receptionists to the Doctor himself.
DR. Shridharani was very informative and gentle with my Botox injections, didn’t bruise whatsoever, my forehead looks smooth, natural with no more creases!!!!!!!!

Dr. Shridharani has the best bedside manner! Such a gentlemen with thorough explanation of my botox and other procedures that I want to get done in the future. I felt at ease with Dr. Shridharani because he is very attentive and is a perfectionist. Dr. Shridharani even called me after to check up on me. I am thoroughly impressed and am going back for my breast augmentation and lipo.

From the minute we started the consult, I knew I was in great hands! I absolutely hate needles, however Dr. Shridharani had a very calming effect on me. He talked me through the entire Botox procedure as he was doing it and completely put me at ease. Not to mention that he made me look 10 years younger!!! I plan to visit him again very soon.

Dr. Shridharani is certainly an amazing surgeon. From the first consultation he set my nerves at ease. I came in for a consult for liposuction to the abdomen and flanks and later on decided to add a breast augmentation. Although nervous Dr. Shridharani was very kind at all times and made me feel very comfortable addressing all my questions and concerns in person, through phone and email. You can tell Dr. Shridharani really strives to bring his patients the best results and certainly delivers. I was elated with my great results and amazed with how well my recovery went.Just as my cousin did with me I would recommend his outstanding services to anyone in a heart beat! Just being in the waiting room I could hear fellow post-op patients commenting on how lucky they felt to have encountered a doctor of his caliber and skill. I am very grateful to have had this experience with such a brilliant doctor I would without a doubt return to him if ever in need of another procedure.

It’s been 6 weeks since my abdominoplasty was done. I have a 6 yr old and 1 yr old twins. My mid section was in need for medical attention! Dr. Shridharani was great from day one. He explained everything step by step in detail. I felt comfortable and confident with my decision to have him do my surgery. The best part of the procedure was the fact that he did not use any drains. I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him to any of my family and friends in need of cosmetic surgery.

It’s easy to trust Dr. Shridharani. I was looking for a new cosmetic surgeon to continue Botox treatments in NY. He immediately put me at ease with his knowledge of this procedure and others as well. You can feel comfortable talking about what procedures you want and never feel pressured to do more.

My experience with dr. Shridharani was wonderful!!! I am a month post op and have done the breast aug and outer thigh lipo and I feel amazing. Dr. Shridharani made me like him the first time I saw and talked to him. The best bed side manner by far…He made me feel very comfortable and listed really carefully all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. He made me feel very secure. He is very intelligent, definitely trustworthy, he really knows what he is doing and will do the best to achieve your expectations. It is very clear to me that on top of everything he really loves what he does! My results are great! He is an excellent surgeon!!! Therefore, I definitely would recommend him to everybody I know, my closest friends and family members!!!! I’m a 100% satisfied!!! He is the best!

Dr. Shridharani is an amazing surgeon. After losing over 100 pounds, I consulted with Dr. Shridharani for a TT (no muscle repair) and breast lift. He’s an amazing listener – the best bed side manner by far. I am now 3 weeks post op and I feel great. Recovery was so much better than I anticipated. I was only on pain meds for 2 days. Although there is swelling post op, I am already satisfied with the contouring. He did an amazing job, and even after surgery, I find him to be assessable, and he genuinely cares about my recovery and satisfaction. I would recommend my closest friends and family to him!

Hello Gals! If your Looking for a Rock Star Sergeon then Dr.Shridharani is your Man! I’m currently 2wks Post-Op from having a Breast Reduction, I went from a 36DDD to a 36C!Whoa is Right! I love my two lil Beauties the doctor gave me. Pain is very minimal, I’m very shocked that I wasn’t in immense amount of pain. No Drains, a little swelling and soreness(especially in the morning). I HATE SLEEPING on MY BACK! No heavy lifting and keep a diet, since you cannot work-out for the next 6wks. Dr.Shridharani has a great sense of humor, he’s very intelligent, Confident and caring to ones needs. I highly-Highly recommend Dr. Shridharani for any Plastic Surgery your planning to get. It will be the Best decision you ever made-Trust me! I’m100%Satisfied and Happy!!!!

Dr. Shridharani was very polite and well spoken and took the time to hear what I had to say. He is trustworthy and an excellent surgeon. The best I have seen in NYC. He will be famous!!

I can certainly attest that Dr. Schridharani is a bona fide professional. On consultation he was courteous. I felt very comfortable. He is very intelligent, insightful and confident. He answered all of my questions with no hesitation. He took his time to address all of my concerns and I felt well informed. His honesty and dedication helped me establish trust. On March 17th 2014, Dr. Schridharani performed chin, neck, abs and flank liposuction, mastopexy (breast lift), silicone breast augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift with amazing results. I am very impressed with his level of skill. I have recommended Dr. Schridharani to friends and family and I will surely be using his services in the future. I am very happy and pleased with his service and attention since consultation to post op. It has been a true positive experience.

Dr. Shridharani is an excellent Doctor. I have done botox, breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty with him. I had a previous breast augmentation done wiith another doctor and I wasnt too happy with the result. Dr Shridharani made sure that I would get the results i wanted and it actually turned out to be better than i had expected.I will never go to another doctor but him. He is very professional, I will recommend him to all of my friends and family members.

3/26 I had lipo& breast aug with Dr. Shridharani. Feb was my consultation, during the consult & post opts there was always a female nurse present which made me comfortable. After my consult he gave me his email for any questions I had & his replies were prompt. The day of my surgery I was nervous but he joked & made me feel at ease. When I got home from surgery I had a voicemail from him checking in on me. 4 days later I felt 90% better w/ minimal pain, nothing that Tylenol couldn’t handle. I returned to work in 1 week. The minor scars were the size & location as discussed, the bruising & swelling went down when he said it would. 2 weeks went by, I had a follow up visit to remove sutures. Unfortunately the doctor had to cancel due to illness BUT he called me & stayed on the phone coughing & all to answer my questions. Dr. Shridharani is an EXCELLENT surgeon his bedside manner is impeccable. I would highly recommend him to any & everyone! it takes more than 1000 char to describe him!

I am one week post-op nose revision and could not be happier (no bruises and minimal swelling). As an employee in the medical field, I can state that the level of care and his expertise are exceptional. From the moment I had my consultation, I was confident I would get the results I was looking for. I was nervous to have a second rhinoplasty (my initial one left me in a mess) but after speaking to him, I was confident that he would make it look better. Dr. Shridharani is VERY compassionate and has excellent bedside manners. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I am more than open to answering anyone’s questions about my experience for my rhino revision ([email protected]).

My name is Alexey Bushuyev and for 15 years I suffered a sever broken nose that impacted my breathing. I have searched multiple doctors and not until I met Dr. Shridharani that I felt at ease about this very much needed surgery. he was very friendly and professional. He knew what I wanted and I could not be happier with the job he has done. After fifteen years I can finally breath and am not ashamed of my nose. Thank you so much Dr. Shridharani. I would recommend him to anyone.

I can’t say enough about the level of care,competency and finally the amazing results I got from the full abdominoplasty and flank lipo he performed on me. I spent a lot of time and consideration before undergoing this procedure. I also reviewed other doctors, but from the first consultation I had with Dr Shridharani, I knew I had found the best possible surgeon for me. I look at my body every day and can’t believe how great a result I got. He also did my Botox which I was having done previously by a general medicine doctor. In a word- wow! What a better result

Dr. Shridharani is a wonderful doctor through and through. He is kind and gentle and completely knowledgeable about his field and nearly moreso how to deal with patients’ questions and/or anxieties. He put me at ease, described the upcoming procedure (in plain English), and then did a perfect job on me. I heartily recommend Dr. Shridharani.

My recent experience with Dr. Shridharani was so incredibly positive that I felt compelled to let others know what superb hands they would be in. After visiting with several other top surgeons in NY, I saw Dr. Shridharani and immediately had the feeling that the other surgeons had been simply telling me what I wanted to hear – as well as not properly explaining my range of options. Dr. Shridharani did very much the opposite! I was a very complicated case, having had breast augmentation 7 yrs ago and now in need of an exchange due to extreme movement in the pocket. With Dr. Shridharani, I finally understood why many of the things I THOUGHT I wanted would not lead to the results I was desiring. In short, going into surgery I felt 100% informed, comfortable, and confident. And my results have better than I could have expected. My implants are now much closer together, higher with greater projection, and very natural in appearance. Overall, I would highly highly recommend Dr. Shridharani!

Dr. Shridharani is an excellent doctor. I went to a doctor in his field in Los Angeles and needed to find someone similar in New York. I’m so glad I found him because he is a very friendly and proficient physician who has a great rapport with his patients and staff.

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