Skin Rejuvenation

What is skin rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation treatments will help treat the signs and symptoms associated with skin maturation and aging. Skin color and contour irregularities can arise from sun exposure and damage, environmental pollutants and toxins, the natural aging process, heredity conditions and various types of skin disorders. Some examples of aging signs are wrinkles, pigmentation, sunspots and/or freckles.

What kinds of treatments are considered skin rejuvenation?

Some treatments that will rejuvenate the skin are Microneedling with PRP, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, and Laser treatments. Laser-resurfacing treatments can include fractionated and unfractionated components. Dr. Shridharani and the LUXURGERY team can explain the difference.

Do I have to have procedures done to rejuvenate my skin?

There are numerous ways to take care of your skin. Skin care products, when used correctly, can help keep the skin healthy and youthful appearing. A healthy diet full of Omega-3 and antioxidants can help prevent skin aging.

How does skin rejuvenation work?

Depending on the treatment, there could be different ways to treat aging and damaged skin. All treatments, however, target damaged cells to remove them from the skin’s surface and stimulate deeper skin layers to create a healthier complexion.

What treatments should I have to achieve the best outcome?

The best way for you to know exactly what treatments are best for you is to go to an experienced, board-certified Plastic Surgeon or clinician supervised at an accredited facility. At LUXURGERY, our clinical team specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery, skin care, and skin rejuvenation treatments. Our team can create a treatment plan based on your needs in order to achieve the ideal outcome.

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