Dermal Fillers (Facial Contouring) Patient

Dermal Fillers (Facial Contouring) Patient #1

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Details for Dermal Fillers (Facial Contouring) Patient #1


27 year-old female presented to Dr. Shridharani in New York City interested in having non-surgical facial rejuvenation of her nasolabial creases (laugh lines around her mouth). She states that she lost weight over the past year with healthy diet and exercise, but noted that her friends and family noted she looked fatigued despite feeling amazing. She asked Dr. Shridharani for dermal filler to theses creases and wanted a natural look. The patient underwent injection of 1 cc (1 syringe) to each nasolabial crease with Juvederm Ultra Plus. She is pictured here right before her injection and 6 months later showing longevity and maintenance of the product.

Age: 27
Procedure: Dermal Fillers

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