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When Can I Work Out After Male Breast Reduction?

Gynecomastia is a condition that is much more common than many people imagine. Aside from poking fun at the problem of having “man boobs,” very few may consider the immense toll that enlarged breasts can have on a man’s psyche. There are several reasons why a man may develop excessive breast tissue, from hormone imbalance […]

Gynecomastia is a Term Men Should Get to Know

Doctors and other healthcare providers have a specific language they use when discussing cases. The terms that are sprinkled into conversations are technical or clinical in nature, which is not of much value in the doctor/patient dialogue. What is of value is understanding. For this reason, we do want to increase awareness regarding the term […]

Give the Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

Father’s Day should be anything but a dud. For years, though, many wives and children have struggled to find just the right thing for the man in their life. If a new tie or graphic t-shirt is the last thing that Dad may need this year, why not jump out of the box and get […]

Male Aesthetic Surgery New York City, NY

Where Men can Steal Pages from the Anti-Aging Playbook

Aging is an inevitable aspect of life. In recent years, the way that we manage aging has reached a whole new level of Wow. We don’t necessarily perform treatments that make a 50-year-old look 20 again, but we have a myriad of techniques that can address subtle and significant concerns. Today’s facelift can beautiful take […]

Male Aesthetic Surgery New York City, NY

Male Breast Reduction: Is it Necessary?

The words “male” and “breast” do not go well together. We have a particular idea of what a man’s chest looks like and nowhere in any description that is commonly used would we imagine to hear the term “breasts.” Breasts are something for women. Pecs are something for men. At least this is the assumption. […]

Male Aesthetic Surgery New York City, NY

Facelift Surgery: How Treatment Differs for Men

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons provide valuable information that assists us in better meeting the needs of our patients. The annual report on cosmetic procedures keeps us in the know regarding what’s hot and what’s not. For the past several years, one of the trends that have continued to expand is the […]

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Dermal Fillers for Men: Technique Makes all the Difference

The popularity of facial rejuvenating procedures has continued to grow as new ways to reduce wrinkles and lift the skin have been developed. Along the path to prolonged beauty, we see a number of products and treatments. Dermal fillers are a prime example. It is presumed that the convenience and subtle nature of facial fillers […]

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Understanding Male Breasts

Just a decade or so ago, there was no real conversation around gynecomastia or male breasts. Historically, men with breast tissue that leaned toward the feminine in appearance would suffer needlessly. If you are a man with enlarged breasts, you may know exactly what we’re talking about. You may have tried to exercise your breasts […]

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Aesthetic Surgery for Men

Just a few decades ago, the average plastic surgery office would largely revolve around women. The interest that women have in cosmetic procedures has not diminished. What we have seen in the past several years is a substantial increase in the number of men who are stepping into the realm of cosmetic plastic surgery. Men […]

Aesthetic Treatment: It’s not Just a Woman’s Game Anymore

Historically, the standard related to aging has been unequal between men and women. The “fairer sex” has typically been on the hook for keeping their skin, face, and body looking as youthful as possible, all while traversing many of the same stressful situations as men. Wrinkles on a man have, for some time, made him […]

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