Where Men can Steal Pages from the Anti-Aging Playbook

Male Aesthetic Surgery New York City, NYAging is an inevitable aspect of life. In recent years, the way that we manage aging has reached a whole new level of Wow. We don’t necessarily perform treatments that make a 50-year-old look 20 again, but we have a myriad of techniques that can address subtle and significant concerns. Today’s facelift can beautiful take 10 years off of one’s appearance. Non-surgical options abound, as well, and are popular for correcting the early signs of aging as well as postponing them.

In addition to technological advances, another way in which aesthetic medicine has evolved is in its reach. For many years, cosmetic procedures were sought primarily by women. More recently, we are treating an increasing number of men for concerns that are unique to them. Here, we suggest a few plays men can steal from the anti-aging playbook women have been using for decades.

Calling all Cells

Cellular renewal has become a hot topic of discussion in the past decade as studies have demonstrated the body’s amazing capacity to regenerate itself. The lifespan of the average skin cell is only about three weeks. When a skin cell dies, it is supposed to slough off naturally. In most situations, even with shaving, a layer of dead and damaged cells continues to adhere to the epidermis. This can dull complexion and it definitely inhibits any benefit from skincare products (which men should use on the daily).

In our NYC office, there are several ways to clean the slate. Men can visit us for chemical peels, dermaplaning (the closest shave you’ll ever get!), microneedling, and professional skin care. After just one treatment, the skin is healthier and younger-looking.

Correcting the Sag

Men are not exempt from the structural changes that affect the face, they’ve just been taught to ignore them. It used to be that a man with worry lines or heavy eyelids looked wise, refined, or brooding. Now, he just looks old. There are numerous ways to correct sagging tissue on the jawline, cheeks, neck, and around the eyes. Neck lift surgery and eyelid rejuvenation happen to be two of the most popular procedures among men. However, it may be possible to address subtle tissue laxity non-surgically using dermal fillers or lasers.

The options for looking like your best self are virtually unlimited. At Luxurgery, we develop a treatment protocol to match each patient’s needs and desired outcome. To learn more, schedule a consultation at (212) 508-0000.

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