Dermal Fillers for Men: Technique Makes all the Difference

Male Plastic Surgery New York City, NYThe popularity of facial rejuvenating procedures has continued to grow as new ways to reduce wrinkles and lift the skin have been developed. Along the path to prolonged beauty, we see a number of products and treatments. Dermal fillers are a prime example. It is presumed that the convenience and subtle nature of facial fillers are prime reasons for the marked increase in the number of men obtaining treatment. We are pleased to assist men with their anti-aging needs. Understanding the unique nuances of the male face, we are able to use dermal fillers in a precise way to achieve the desired outcome.

There are several ways in which cosmetic procedures must be modified for men. Most men who seek treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, are interested in a subtle change. They want to look better but don’t want it to be obvious. Women tend to be more open about the work they have done. One of the valuable aspects of dermal filler treatment is that we can observe changes as they happen. This allows us to customize treatment to achieve the desired extent of improvement and not more.

Another important aspect of treating the male face is that it’s the male face! Improper use of dermal fillers, in particular, can alter the angular structure of crucial areas such as the cheeks. More than a few celebrity men present us with the opportunity to see this theory in action. Considering the unique nature of the male anatomy, an experienced injector can prevent unwanted fullness, also known as “chipmunk cheeks.”

Because muscle and skin tissue are different in the male body, the way in which the face ages tends to be different. In women, we see a lot of filling of the lips and nasolabial folds. In men, we see more issues with deep creases on the forehead and noticeable frown lines. Hollows may also develop beneath the eyes and at the temple area. Improving the overall contours of the face cannot occur only from filling. The right amount and the right product are vital to proper facial shaping.

Dr. Shridharani has been a leader in the use of injectables and innovative surgical techniques for several years. He has treated thousands of men for cosmetic concerns ranging from undereye bags to gynecomastia and more. Learn more about dermal fillers and additional services in our NYC office at (212) 508-0000.

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