Is Fat an Alternative to Breast Implants?

Breast Augmentation New York City , NYBreast augmentation procedures continue to outnumber most other forms of cosmetic surgery. Last year alone, more than 300,000 such procedures were performed. In 2016, the statistics for natural breast augmentation, or breast augmentation via fat transfer, increased by 72 percent. Fat transfer presents experienced surgeons with an amazing opportunity to fulfill patients’ desire for better body contours without artificial substances. This has been a significant step forward in aesthetic medicine. Still, is it too good to be true?

Naturally Larger Breasts with Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a technique that has brought years of lamenting to life. How long have we wished we could take fat from one area of the body and move it to another spot? Fat transfer achieves this – and it does so beautifully. The way this procedure works is first through liposuction. Through precision technique, fat is harvested from an area such as the abdomen, thighs, or flanks. This isn’t your standard liposuction; it is a method in which living fat cells can be preserved. Because fluid is also extracted along with fat, a separation process must take place. Then, hundreds of thousands of individual droplets of fat can be injected into the breasts using a surgical cannula, or tube.

Is Fat Transfer Right for You?

Many women are choosing natural breast augmentation because they want a subtle increase in volume without an augmented look. Ideal candidates will have good skin elasticity and minimal, if any, sagging. Women who smoke may not see the extent of results they desire from this technique due to the way in which the chemicals from cigarettes inhibits circulation. Good general health and nutrition are also important factors in the end-result of breast augmentation with fat transfer. Finally, it is necessary that there be sufficient fat stores on the body from which cells can be harvested.

There are pros and cons to fat transfer. While natural augmentation carries no risk for capsular contracture or implant leakage, current techniques do not guarantee 100% survival of transferred fat. At this time, approximately 40 percent of the fat that is injected into the breasts will absorb. Ultimately, most patients who choose natural breast augmentation can expect an increase of one-half to one cup size.

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