Aesthetic Treatment: It’s not Just a Woman’s Game Anymore

cosmetic surgery in NYC | Dr. Sachin Shridharani Historically, the standard related to aging has been unequal between men and women. The “fairer sex” has typically been on the hook for keeping their skin, face, and body looking as youthful as possible, all while traversing many of the same stressful situations as men. Wrinkles on a man have, for some time, made him appear wiser. On a women, this is not the case. In recent years, we have seen quite a shift in views related to aesthetic treatments.

That once-large standards gap between men and women is closing at a steadfast pace. Still, because men jumped into the game at a later stage, they are somewhat behind their female counterparts in maximizing the tools at their disposal. Just under 10% of the cosmetic treatments performed in our country last year were conducted on men. This may seem low, but that percentage indicates a 325% increase in male cosmetic procedures since 1997.

The reasons that man may seek plastic surgery or other aesthetic treatments may differ from women. However, the end-goal tends to be the same. Whether to stay competitive in their career or to feel more attractive in general, a man wants to restore the appearance of natural youthfulness. Here are some of the ways they are doing it.

No more Dad Bod
26% more men were treated for gynecomastia last year than previous years. Procedures related to eliminating “man boobs” ranked as one of the top five cosmetic surgeries for men in 2015.

Eyelid Rejuvenation
The eyes have it. They always have and always will. When the eyelids or brows are heavy and drooping, a man (or woman) looks older, serious, fatigued, and unfriendly. Blepharoplasty has become a go-to treatment for men wanting to let their inner energy shine through.

Benjamin Button, meet Brotox
Although pure fantasy, and also wrought with more than a few pitfalls, the idea of aging in reverse could sound pretty entertaining when you’re facing unwanted changes that come with getting older. One of the leading treatments for men who want to restore the look of youth is Brotox, or Botox for men. This minimally invasive treatment is still catching on for men who realize that softening lines on the forehead and around the eyes does not equate to softening masculine features. In fact, when Botox is coupled with dermal fillers, the angles on a man’s face can be made sharper and more defined. The most recent development in the world of injectables,

Kybella, is helping men regain confidence and comfort by banishing double-chin fat.

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