Face and Body Treatments to Look and Feel your Best

plastic surgeryLooking and feeling your best is a luxury that we believe you deserve. Luxurgery is a New York City aesthetic medicine practice in which each patient who visits us receives our full and undivided attention. It is not the accumulation of an armament of treatments that makes a practice special; it is the delivery of care based on individual need. This is what we do, and we do it in a luxurious and friendly environment.

Facial Refreshing Treatments
The face is often the first place we really notice the passing of time. The delicate skin around the eyes becomes increasingly thin and unsupportive, which paves the way for puffing, sagging, and bagging. Time spent in front of a computer, under the sun, or feeling stressed may show up between the brows in the form of an ever-present vertical crease. These age-related concerns boil down to the loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that make up the matrix of fibers in the dermis.

More than understanding why the signs of aging occur, we are experienced in the various ways of correcting them.
Patients of Luxurgery can consult with Johns Hopkins trained plastic surgeon Dr. Shridharani to discover the unique path that is right for them. Rejuvenating the face does not always require cosmetic plastic surgery like blepharoplasty or neck lift surgery. Often, we are able to achieve beautiful results using minimally invasive treatments like Botox and dermal fillers, the MINT Lift, or laser resurfacing.

Body Reviving Treatments
Once we start to notice how age, stress, and sun have affected the face, it may seem as though there is no turning back; the signs of aging just keep on coming – and spreading – across the body. To regain contours that were present years earlier, our patients may consider the benefits of liposuction, breast lift or augmentation, or abdominoplasty. If the goal is to get a head-start in hopes of postponing the need for plastic surgery, there is the option of CoolSculpting to eliminate unwanted fat from localized areas.

Explore ways to refresh and revive your face and body in our New York City office. Call (212) 508-0000.

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