Critical Points of Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast augmentation in NYC | Dr. Sachin Shridharani Almost 100,000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in 2015 alone. This particular procedure has been one of the top five for several years running, and women are much more open about their decision today than previous generations. Deciding to augment the breasts is not a little matter; there are inherent risks to consider, as well as the immense reward that can result from a well-planned surgery. Choosing an experienced surgeon to perform your breast augmentation is only one of the key elements to getting the results you seek. Here, we want to discuss why you need to be critical during your decision-making process.

Give me the Usual, Sam!
If you were a regular at the Cheers! bar, you may exclaim this statement fairly frequently. Asking for the usual is not something you would do with your plastic surgeon. However, this is essentially what many women do without realizing it. Here’s how.

The most recognized breast measurement is cup size. Understandably, there is a perception that this is a vital measurement. It does, after all, guide you in choosing the right bra. However, there are other aspects of the breast that are even more important to the planning of breast augmentation. To enter into a consultation visit with your plastic surgeon with a particular cup size in mind could be a mistake.

Here’s what to do Instead
During your consultation, if not prior to this visit, you will probably view at least a few Before and After images. We welcome you to check out our gallery of breast augmentation photos to get you started on your journey to your most beautiful figure. When observing these images, though, we offer a word of warning.

Breasts of a given size, let’s say a D cup, will not look the same on every body type. A petite, athletic figure will not hold this cup size the same way a taller, curvier shape will. Looking at images, try to find those that resemble your body in terms of height, weight, and overall curves. This way, you can obtain the most accurate idea of the size and shape of implant that you may really want.

Breast augmentation can provide a lifetime of confidence in your self-image. Don’t go it alone. Call Luxurgery at (212) 508-0000 to discuss your options with an experienced surgeon.

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