Kybella (Body Contouring) Patient

Body Contouring Kybella Patient #2

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Details for Body Contouring Kybella Patient #2


48 year-old female presented to Dr. Shridharani in Manhattan interested in improving the excess fat in her front bra roll. Patient is pictured before (left) and 6 weeks after (right) her THIRD treatment with Kybella to her bilateral front bra fat. She is extremely excited about not having to undergo surgery to reduce the fat in this area. She states she is no longer self-conscious to wear tight shirts that show her bra line. She has also undergone Kybella injections to her chin and says she has never had such a defined jawline in her entire life. She recently underwent a third Kybella treatment to her front bra roll.

Age: 48
Procedure: Kybella

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