Kybella (Body Contouring) Patient

Jowl/Jawline Contouring Kybella Patient #6

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Details for Jowl/Jawline Contouring Kybella Patient #6


51 year old female presented to Dr. Shridharani’s plastic surgery practice, LUXURGERY, in New York with the desire to achieve a more defined jawline and aesthetically pleasing profile. The patient was not interested in having liposuction to the face/jowl, chin, but she was keen on having permanent improvement of the appearance of her jowls. The patient elected to have Dr. Shridharani’s Surgery in a Syringe℠ jowl contouring non-surgical treatment with Kybella for improved contour of her profile. She is pictured here right before her Kybella injection and 2 months after her FIRST treatment. She is very pleased with her results and notices a significant improvement. She subsequently went on to have another treatment.

Age: 51
Procedure: Jowl/Jawline Kybella Contouring

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