Kybella (Body Contouring) Patient

Body Contouring Kybella Patient #1

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49 year-old male presented to Dr. Shridharani in New York City interested in improving the contour to his upper and lower abdomen. Patient stated that he had liposuction to his abdomen a few years ago with another doctor, and he is very unhappy with the excess fat and the unevenness of the contour. The patient stated that he was not interested in surgery and was looking for a nonsurgical approach to significantly improve the contour of his abdomen. The patient underwent Kybella to his tummy and was ecstatic with his results of only ONE Kybella treatment. The patient states he feels like he got better results with the use of Kybella than he did with the liposuction procedure he had many years ago. The patient is pictured before (left) and 5 months after (right) his FIRST treatment with Kybella to the abdomen. He is excited about having his chest treated for the first time and abdomen treated again.

Age: 49
Procedure: Kybella

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