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Liposuction Patient #10

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40 year-old female presented to Dr. Shridharani’s cosmetic plastic surgery office in New York City requesting improvement of her front bra roll. After losing a significant amount of weight, she was very displeased with the fullness of her front bra roll/bra fat. She felt her bra fat was a stubborn area that she could not improve the area even after losing weight and exercising. She requested to undergo liposuction of the front bra fat. Six months after her liposuction procedure, she was ecstatic with the decreased fullness in her area of concern, but she did not like the excess skin that could not be removed through liposuction. She was so pleased with her first surgery that she asked Dr. Shridharani to remove the excess skin visible on her front bra roll. Patient is very happy that her scars are hidden in her underarms. Pictured here is the patient is one week before liposuction and six months after her final procedure.

Age: 40
Procedure: Liposuction

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