Breast Augmentation (Implants) Patient

Breast Augmentation (Implants) Patient #8

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Details for Breast Augmentation (Implants) Patient #8


30 year-old female presented to Dr. Shridharani’s plastic surgery practice in New York City desiring a breast implant exchange and lift. The patient works as a model and had two previous breast augmentation procedures performed by another plastic surgeon. Though she was pleased, her last procedure was performed over 10 years ago with nearly 600 cc saline breast implants. The patient was concerned about how low the breasts were and significant distance between the nipple and inframammary fold (chest-breast junction) aka “sunrise sign.” She wanted to still have full breasts, but agreed her breasts needed to be lifted, supported and decreased slightly in size. The patient underwent a breast implant exchange and breast lift with Strattice internal breast support biologic matrix by Dr. Shridharani. The patient had 505 cc smooth, round, high profile silicone gel breast implants placed. She is pictured here 1 week prior to her surgery and 1 year later.

Age: 30
Procedure: Breast Augmentation

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