Slim Down And Sculpt A Better Butt

Would you like to look slimmer while getting a fuller, curvier butt? There are two good ways to accomplish your goals. Keep reading to learn more.

butt liftRetool Your Workout
Working out is an important part of looking and feeling your best. If you’d like to look slimmer and get a fuller butt, there are a few specific exercises that can target your glutes, tone your backside, and help you look slimmer.

Squats and lunges are two classic options. You can do classic squats and lunges, or you can take them up a notch by holding dumbbells. Lifting dumbbells will engage your core and help you tone other muscles at the same time as you tone your backside. Even if you don’t shed any pounds, toning your muscles will make you look slimmer.

Cardio is also an important part of any workout and it is the most effective way to stay slim, but what if your cardio workout also toned your butt? Instead of running on the treadmill or around the track, spend your cardio time on the stair stepper or running up and down the bleachers. You’ll still get the cardio workout you need, but you’ll tone your butt at the same time.

Get Results With Fat Transfer
Exercise is important, but it doesn’t always give you the results you want. You shouldn’t give up your exercise routine, but you can get predictable results with a fat transfer procedure. During a fat transfer procedure, liposuction is used to remove extra fat. The extra fat is then purified and re injected into the buttocks to create a fuller, curvier backside. Fat can be removed from many different areas depending on your goals. Patients often choose to have fat removed from the abdomen, love handles, upper back, and thighs. Some patients may choose to undergo a second fat transfer a few months after the first to get even more dramatic results. Many patients notice results a few days after the procedure has been completed. Your body will continue to heal and the final results will be apparent within a few months. If you’d like to learn more about this procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shridharani.

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