Breast Augmentation Can Look Natural for Your Shape

If small, asymmetrical, or deflated breasts are creating concern, you may be considering breast augmentation surgery. Many women understand the ultimate value of a well-done breast enlargement procedure. However, one of the concerns that may hold a woman back is that her breasts will look unnatural or that it will be obvious that she’s had surgery. These are valid concerns. They are also concerns that can be met by a skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Shridharani. From our perspective, there are simple ways to achieve the perfect breast shape and size for each woman. Here’s how.

The First Questions

What women tend to ask first is what type or size of implant they should get. This is not the place to start. Before we discuss the details of implants, we want to know more about the individual. It helps to understand aspects of general health, of lifestyle, and of the preferences a woman may have for her body, right down to the feel of her skin. Skin texture, elasticity, and existing breast tissue are small details but still important to the outcome of breast augmentation, so each is assessed during the initial consultation.

Implant Type

There are three ways in which breast augmentation may occur. One is to insert saline implants. One is to insert silicone implants. The final option is to naturally augment the breasts using fat taken from another part of the body. Each option has unique advantages. For example, saline implants are appropriate for women under the age of 22. The saline implant types that are available today are made to look and feel more natural than earlier models. Silicone implants have also been improved. The “gummy bear” implant is form-stable so the filler substance does not leak into surrounding tissue should a rupture occur. The stability of denser silicone also decreases the risk of leaks or rupture.

Implant Size

The size of the implant selected isn’t as simple a matter as it may seem. While we do want to look at overall size, an experienced surgeon will also consider the profile of an implant to determine how this may affect the size of implant that will achieve the best result. An implant’s profile is its projection, how far forward it will stand from the chest wall. The higher the profile, the fuller the breasts will be. When discussing size, it is important to imagine how larger breasts will fit into normal lifestyle habits. For instance, swimmers and runners may desire wider or smaller implants to fill out shape without impeding comfort.

Natural-looking breast shape can be achieved with careful attention to detail. To begin planning your breast augmentation, call our NYC office at (212) 508-0000.

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