Breast Augmentation May Not be the Ideal Solution You Think

Breast Augmentation NYCBreast enhancement has continued to be popular through years of trends and changes in plastic surgery. The objective of surgery has always been to create the ideal shape that the patient wants. This shape ideally suits body frame, lifestyle, and also personality. To achieve this, many women determine that they would like to undergo breast augmentation. This can be an excellent step in the right direction. However, it should not be assumed that it is the only step in every case. Here, we discuss why breast enhancement is much more than an increase in cup size.

Breasts Have Dimension

The breasts are an integral feature of a woman’s body. They will be noticed, primarily by the woman herself. What breast augmentation alone can achieve is a noticeable increase in volume. Implants can make the breasts look larger, more symmetrical, and nicely shaped. The profile of the breast implant, selected after a thorough consultation and assessment process, can set the breasts into suitable projection. This relates to side-view and how far forward the breasts sit off the chest wall. These effects are all very likely with breast augmentation. That is unless the connective tissue and skin have become weak and loose. In this situation, placing breast implants may make the breasts look droopy and sad.

Getting the Best Results with Combination Treatment

A consultation for breast augmentation should involve a close evaluation of skin and superficial tissue. If the natural breasts look saggy and heavy, there is a chance that breast augmentation alone would not fully improve appearance. To do so, a surgeon may suggest combining the augmentation with a breast lift. The lift portion of the procedure sculpts the skin and tissue that will lie over the breast implants so that the new shape is upheld at the ideal height.

Combining breast augmentation with a lift can ensure that the improved shape of the breasts lasts as long as possible. This approach can also decrease overall costs by eliminating the need to lift sagging breasts in a follow-up procedure.

Learn More about Breast Enhancement

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