Three Ways to Manage Breast Implant Removal

The appearance of the breasts has been paramount for many women for many years. We don’t have to look very hard to find evidence of this. Padded bras and bathing suits and breast enhancement surgeries are telling. They are also beneficial for women who want to enjoy a shapelier body than they were given by Mother Nature. While breast augmentation surgery, the procedure in which a surgeon inserts breast implants, has been popular for decades, it may not be the end-all-be-all for all women. Recently, an increasing number of women have been questioning whether they want their breast implants any longer. Here, we discuss three ways in which women may change their breast augmentation outcome.

Breast Lift

Historically, if a woman wished to have her breast implants removed, she would accept the fact that her shape would be smaller, sometimes significantly. Being smaller isn’t a bad thing, many women like this change. However, being smaller and saggy or deflated doesn’t meet most women’s desire for a naturally beautiful shape. To offset the reduction in volume after breast implant removal, a plastic surgeon may perform a breast lift. This procedure sculpts the superficial tissue around breast and fat tissue to create shape. A breast lift repositions the breast mound higher on the chest wall so, while smaller, the breasts look full and perky.

Fat Transfer

The problem with removing breast implants, as we mentioned, is that volume will be diminished. It is volume that gives breasts their shape. With the development of the fat transfer technique, we’ve gained an alternative avenue to restore volume in the absence of breast implants. This procedure harvests fat from a part of the body such as the thighs, back, or abdomen, wherever there is fatty tissue to spare. The harvested cells are spun down to separate out other fluids and blood. They are then injected into the breasts. While a single fat transfer procedure may not achieve the same dramatic results as breast implants, this technique can increase about one cup size and restore volume where it is needed. Fat transfer can be combined with a breast lift for optimal results.

Implant Replacement

There are several reasons for wanting breast implant removal. One of the most common is a desire for larger or shapelier implants. Women who have saline breast implants sometimes seek revision surgery to replace their current implants with a silicone model. Breast implant exchange can go the other way, too. A woman may want smaller breasts that are more harmonious with her body and her lifestyle but may still like the look and feel of a well-chosen breast implant.

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