What Are the Risks of Treatments With Kybella®?

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2023
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woman close up face asian girl with clean fresh healthy skinWith cosmetic and aesthetic treatments becoming more and more accessible, it is easier than ever to treat, slow, and ever reverse nearly every sign of aging around your face. Although the results from some treatments are temporary and require follow-up sessions to keep the same appearance, they are safe and easy to repeat.

One of the most troublesome areas usually affected by aging, it’s the increase in the volume of skin and fat cells beneath the chin. This is called submental fullness and can lead to the appearance of double or multiple chins.

Although liposuction using a small cannula is a safe and effective way to permanently remove the unwanted fat cells beneath the chin, it also comes with a relatively longer recovery time, as well as some increased risks since it is a more invasive surgical procedure.

Recently, the FDA approved Kybella® injections to address the submental fullness and reduce the volume beneath the jawline. Rather than a complete surgical procedure, these minimally invasive treatments take less than an hour and come with no restrictions after.

However, this does not mean the treatments are not without minimal risks. Although Kybella® treatments are incredibly safe and severe side effects are extremely rare, there are a few considerations to make before the treatment.

Though there are no restrictions or recovery after the treatment, there may be some noticeable swelling and bruising below the jawline. Depending on the treatment area, this can also come with some discomfort, although most patients only need ice compresses or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication to help.

Since Kybella® is injected using a small needle, there is some risk of irritation at each injection site. Along with the potential bruising or swelling, this is temporary and will subside within a few days following the treatments.

Don’t wait longer to remove your double chin or fullness below your jawline. Call Dr. Shridharani at Luxurgery in New York City, NY, at 212-508-0000 or visit www.luxurgerynyc.com to get started on Kybella® treatments or any other office by the office.

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