Give the Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

Father’s Day should be anything but a dud. For years, though, many wives and children have struggled to find just the right thing for the man in their life. If a new tie or graphic t-shirt is the last thing that Dad may need this year, why not jump out of the box and get […]

What are the Factors that Help Maintain Breast Lift Results?

The idea of having breast lift surgery can be incredibly exciting. The appearance of the breasts is indicative of youthfulness and general health. Women of various ages inevitably encounter the issue of sagging and, in many cases, want to do something about this problem. When they do, many ask if the results of breast lift […]

Liposuction: What are Your Real Expectations?

Liposuction is a longstanding body sculpting procedure that has achieved proven results over several years of practice. In our New York City plastic surgery practice, we are quite familiar with liposuction and what it can do. We’re also quite aware of the fact that, once a person decides to have liposuction, there is an expectation […]

Lip Fillers

Lip Filler Removal: What You Need to Know

Lip enhancement is incredibly popular at the moment. If you haven’t had your lips done yet, you might feel like you’re missing out. On the other hand, you may have some concerns about this treatment. What do you do if you don’t like the way you look with lip fillers? Until Kylie Jenner revealed her […]

miraDry New York City, NY

Throw Your Hands Up in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care!

Now that we’re closer to summer than we’ve been in months, there is a lot to look forward to. As appealing as it may be to think of the warmer days ahead, once we’re a sweaty, smelly mess in the middle of that backyard barbeque, we’re not so thrilled. Before you find yourself in that […]

Male Aesthetic Surgery New York City, NY

Where Men can Steal Pages from the Anti-Aging Playbook

Aging is an inevitable aspect of life. In recent years, the way that we manage aging has reached a whole new level of Wow. We don’t necessarily perform treatments that make a 50-year-old look 20 again, but we have a myriad of techniques that can address subtle and significant concerns. Today’s facelift can beautiful take […]

Coolsculpting, NYC

CoolSculpting and Liposuction: Apples and Oranges?

In recent years, innovative thinking has brought several devices into the aesthetic arena that are touted as “liposuction alternative” treatments. CoolSculpting is one of them. The increase in options for reducing stubborn fat has been advantageous, to say the least. Millions of people have received CoolSculpting treatment and we routinely utilize the cryolipolysis method in […]

Thigh Lift. NYC

Three Ways to Thin Out Your Thighs

There are certain areas of the body that have a nasty reputation for harboring stubborn fat. The thighs are one of them. Despite ongoing effort, some people continually find that their thighs resist their attempts to tone and tighten. At Luxurgery, we believe all bodies are beautiful and that those who want to look a […]

Liposuction, NYC

Banish Bra Bulge before Summer

Regardless of cup size and even overall body frame, bra bulge may be a problem many women face. Bra bulge is a small pocket of fat that can appear between the outer, upper quadrant of the breast and the armpit. Sometimes, this obvious bulge may occur due to a poorly-fitted bra. It may also relate […]

Fat: We Giveth and We Taketh Away

In recent history, the general consensus has been that fat is a “bad” thing. We don’t want extra fat on the body if we can help it. Most recently, we have even seen a general lean toward not wanting extra fact on the face. Our widespread perception of fat and its general lack of value […]

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