A Supplement to Fat Removing Treatments to See Even Better Results

female body with marked areas for liposuction procedure.Many treatment methods and procedures are available to help address and remove stubborn body fat, especially around the abdomen, and help achieve and maintain a healthy weight. These treatments are safe and very effective and, depending on how much fat is to be removed, can make a significant impact on your overall appearance.

When moderate or more substantial amounts of fat is removed in a short amount of time, this can leave the surrounding skin looking loose and sagging. Although you might now be at a target weight, this does not always leave you with the aesthetic improvement you were after.

Renuvion is a great treatment option that works well with many other aesthetic procedures and, just as well as a stand-alone treatment, to tighten loose skin and help you fully achieve your aesthetic goals in a single visit.

Although Renuvion uses radiofrequency (RF) energy and the thermal power of plasma to help stimulate changes beneath the skin, adding helium to the treatment process significantly lowers the plasma’s temperature, minimizing the potential risks of burning or other unintended injury to the surrounding skin.

The incisions needed for Renuvion treatment are only a few millimeters wide and generally do not require stitches. When performed as a stand-alone treatment process, there is no downtime or recovery needed after. However, your skin may appear red and minor bruising may occur. These are both temporary and usually disappear after just a few days.

Although Renuvion may not tighten the skin enough when significant amounts of fat are removed, the safety and ease of the treatments are a great option to be added to other aesthetic treatments or by itself. The lack of a recovery period makes it a worthwhile choice, especially when compared to other surgical techniques, such as a tummy tuck.

If you have loose or sagging skin or are concerned about what your skin will look like after fat removal treatment, Dr. Shridharani at Luxurgery in New York City, NY, can work with you to develop the perfect treatment plan for your aesthetic goals. Visit www.luxurgery.com or call 212-508-0000 to schedule a consultation.

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