The Ease and Versatility of Renuvion

asian woman wearing swimsuit posing with arms crossedThe use of radio and light energy to smooth skin and create a tighter and more toned look has been safely used for many years with excellent results. However, the results can sometimes be relatively temporary. Since such a high energy level is needed, this can also lead to an uneven look with some risk of additional discomfort.

Instead of radio frequency or laser energy, Renuvion uses plasma energy created by helium gas. Dr. Shridharani inserts a small cannula to gently heat at cool tissue below the skin by using tiny incisions at specific points around the treatment area. This cycling of hot and cool temperatures helps clear adhesions and promotes the growth of collagen and healthy tissue.

The treatments are performed in the office and take less than an hour. There is also virtually no recovery period or restrictions after each session. Most patients report very mild discomfort and slight redness and tenderness. These can be successfully treated with over-the-counter pain relief or anti-inflammatory medication.

As effective as Renuvion is, it is also very gentle and minimally invasive. The incisions are small enough that no stitches are needed and, with steri-strips, heal to become nearly invisible. This allows Dr. Shridharani to provide the benefits of Renuvion to tighten and tone skin from the lower thighs to the jawline.

Renuvion is also a great option to add to other aesthetic treatments. When combined with procedures such as liposuction, something Dr. Shridharani now considers a standard addition, you can have stubborn body fat removed while avoiding the look of loose and sagging skin that can come with those other options.

Call Dr. Shridharani at Luxurgery in New York, NY, at 212-508-0000 or visit to learn more about how Renuvion can help sculpt nearly any part of your body. The expert team of aestheticians and staff are available to answer any of your questions or concern or to help you get started on your aesthetic goals.

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