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Grace Tisch is Dr. Shridharani’s intern at LUXURGERY. Prior to joining the LUXURGERY team, Grace earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors from the University of Southern California. Upon realizing the profundity of her interest in health and medicine, Grace elected to further her education in science and pursue a career in medicine. She is currently completing post-baccalaureate coursework in science at Hunter College, where she maintains a 4.0 GPA! Keen to develop her interest in the field of aesthetic/cosmetic surgery and eager to learn from an esteemed surgeon, Grace sought the mentorship of Dr. Shridharani. She is thrilled to be interning with Dr. Shridharani and feels privileged to work alongside the “LUX” team.

As our intern, Grace is involved in clinical research, blog and social media preparation, administrative tasks, and assists with special projects as directed by Dr. Shridharani. With prior experience working at a computer software company, Grace brings a tremendous amount of experience with technology to the LUXURGERY team. Grace’s passion for medicine and admiration of our practice is apparent in her enthusiastic approach and her ability to facilitate an enjoyable and seamless experience for our patients. 

Prior to her pursuits in health and medicine, Grace worked for a design showroom and gallery in Manhattan where she developed a fascination with interior design and a profound appreciation for the arts. As a former competitive dancer and avid Pilates enthusiast, Grace regards movement and fitness as paramount to physical and mental health. Beyond her academic and professional objectives, Grace enjoys to travel, the arts, and teaching herself to read sheet music.

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