Kasha Magda, RN | Registered Nurse

Kasha Magda, RN | Luxurgery NYC

Kasha Magda is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Prior to obtaining her nursing degree from City University of New York, she was a licensed aesthetician with nearly six years of experience in the field of aesthetics and beauty. She has recently joined Dr. Shridharani’s practice, LUXURGERY, with a primary goal of providing patients with superior and personalized experiences.

Kasha brings many years of plastic surgery nursing knowledge having worked with many plastic surgeons where she developed extensive medical experience and appreciation of cosmetic procedures. She takes a vested interest caring for our patients and is a true advocate that will assist you through your surgical journey. Our patients appreciate her welcoming demeanor and attention to detail.

Kasha is a habitual learner and enjoys staying current with the latest plastic surgery innovations through educational courses. She regards aesthetic medical treatments as a normal part of health and beauty regimen and is committed to assisting Dr. Shridharani’s patients in looking their best.

When not in surgical scrubs, Kasha enjoys traveling, volunteering and fitness. To date she has visited most of Europe and parts of Asia. During the holiday season, she offers her time handing out and delivering meals to homeless families and shelters.

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