Margaret Tropeano | Director of Clinic Research

Margaret (Margo) Tropeano is the Director of Clinical Research of LUXURGERY is part of an esteemed group of individuals stewarded by LUXURGERY’s principal surgeon and founder, Sachin M. Shridharani, MD, FACS. Margo brings an extensive wealth of experience to LUXURGERY with a strong background of over 10 years of clinical research. In her experience Margo has overseen all aspects of clinical research from inception to study closeout. Her vast experience from Phase II to Phase IV trials in various therapeutic and aesthetic areas across the medical field has allowed for major advances in bringing products to market.

Margo wanted to expand her medical knowledge and completed a full-time 2-year vascular ultrasound program at Long Island University (LIU) which included internships at Weill Cornell Presbyterian and Mount Sinai Hospitals. Margo has yearned to progress her career in research and at LUXURGERY is at the helm of groundbreaking work that affects the way we look and feel.

When Margo is not at LUXURGERY, she enjoys downtime with her wonderful husband and lovely son.

Contact: [email protected]

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