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Rhinoplasty Patient #1

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32 year-old woman presented to the office requesting a rhinoplasty. She felt in her profile view that she had a “droopy tip” and no “definition.” On head-on view, she felt that she had widening of her nose between her eyes and no contour of her nasal tip. The patient underwent a Rhinoplasty by Dr. Shridharani in New York City. She had her nasal dorsum (profile) shaved down and cartilage removed from strategic locations in her nasal tip. Her nasal bones were brought closer together during the same procedure. Finally, small sutures were placed to shape the remaining cartilage in the nasal tip. She is pictured here 1 week prior to surgery and 1 year after her Rhinoplasty with Dr. Shridharani.

Age: 32
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

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