Posts From March, 2019

Male Aesthetic Surgery New York City, NY

Where Men can Steal Pages from the Anti-Aging Playbook

Aging is an inevitable aspect of life. In recent years, the way that we manage aging has reached a whole new level of Wow. We don’t necessarily perform treatments that make a 50-year-old look 20 again, but we have a myriad of techniques that can address subtle and significant concerns. Today’s facelift can beautiful take […]

Coolsculpting, NYC

CoolSculpting and Liposuction: Apples and Oranges?

In recent years, innovative thinking has brought several devices into the aesthetic arena that are touted as “liposuction alternative” treatments. CoolSculpting is one of them. The increase in options for reducing stubborn fat has been advantageous, to say the least. Millions of people have received CoolSculpting treatment and we routinely utilize the cryolipolysis method in […]

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