Posts From October, 2021

Closeup of beautiful sexy plump woman lips with lipstick

Are You Feeling Hesitant about Lip Fillers? We Might Know Why!

Lip injections are performed every day in plastic surgery offices and medical spas across the country. Still, amidst their popularity, they remain somewhat of a mystery to some people. Often, when a patient visits us for their first lip filler treatment, they confess that they have thought about making an appointment for weeks if not […]

female torso with bra on black background

Natural Breast Augmentation: The Pros and Cons of Using Fat

Breast augmentation has been one of the leading plastic surgery procedures since it was first introduced over 50 years ago. Historically, a woman wanting to enhance the size and shape of her breasts had to choose between saline or silicone, over-the-muscle or submuscular, and few other details. Today, women have the choice of enhancing breast […]

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