Posts From December, 2021

Cropped half-turned closeup photo woman's breast dressed in white bra

Choosing the Best Breast Implants for Your Body

Breast augmentation surgery is considered for many reasons. Ultimately, this procedure helps patients obtain the shape they have wanted for a long time, perhaps their entire adult life. The right breast implants can firm, enlarge, and fill out the chest area to align with a patient’s personality and preferences and help them feel better about […]

Happy brunette woman in glasses making facetime video calling

The Plastic Surgery Boom Continues

About six months into the pandemic of 2020, the outlook for many businesses looked pretty bleak. In the grand scheme of things, the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery may have seemed irrelevant. What ultimately happened, the plastic surgery boom of 2020, surprised most of us. According to statistics, more plastic surgery and aesthetic […]

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