Posts From March, 2024

AquaGold® Fine Touch™

Fast Skin Rejuvenation With AquaGold® Fine Touch™

AquaGold® Fine Touch™ is a luxurious way to rejuvenate your skin with smooth gold needles that inject revitalizing serums beneath the skin. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, AquaGold treatment continues to refresh your complexion after your session, leaving you with firmer, smoother skin. Read on to learn more about this exciting treatment offered by Dr. […]

Top Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024

The growing popularity of plastic surgery is due to advancements in technology that make procedures more efficient, safer, and with better outcomes. In 2024, plastic surgery trends will focus on natural aesthetics and other more customizable approaches. Top Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024 Neck Lifts Many 2024 plastic surgery trends are based on facial rejuvenation. Neck lifts […]

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