Top Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024

plastic surgeryThe growing popularity of plastic surgery is due to advancements in technology that make procedures more efficient, safer, and with better outcomes. In 2024, plastic surgery trends will focus on natural aesthetics and other more customizable approaches.

Top Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024

Neck Lifts

Many 2024 plastic surgery trends are based on facial rejuvenation. Neck lifts are growing in popularity because they address sagging skin and muscle banding in the neck region that can make someone look older.

A neck lift enhances a person’s profile and provides youthful contouring by tightening the underlying muscles and removing the extra skin.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is less invasive than the traditional facelift and only focuses on the lower third of the face and neck region.

Mini facelifts are becoming more in demand by a younger demographic looking for subtle changes without a ton of downtime and minimal scarring.


“BOTOX lip flips” and “baby BOTOX” are aesthetic procedures growing in popularity, especially with younger adults. A “BOTOX lip flip” creates a fuller-looking pout without a plastic surgeon having to inject any fillers. BOTOX Cosmetic injections have minimal downtime and work as an instant makeover.

Natural-looking Breast Augmentation

People are prioritizing a more natural look in 2024. More are requesting subtle changes highlighting breast contour without looking overly enhanced or artificial. Mini breast augmentations involve placing implants under the muscle to provide more coverage and reduce rippling.

Some patients are also looking to have implants removed and reverse breast augmentation, sometimes following up with a breast lift to elevate their natural cleavage instead.

Dermal Fillers

Patients are drawn to dermal fillers because they remove or smooth signs of aging. Dermal fillers stimulate the natural production of collagen, elastane, and natural proteins in the face, neck, hands, and ears.

One of the reasons dermal fillers are seeing a surge in 2024 is because the effects last six months to 2 years, and it can be effective at correcting the early signs of aging that more traditional methods are not suitable for.

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