Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures: Why it Makes Sense

Many people have more than one cosmetic goal. However, the idea of combining plastic surgery procedures can cause them to put off making an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon. There may be misconceptions about this approach, such as that combining plastic surgery is overkill. That having two or more procedures at once might result in an unnatural appearance. Another misconception is that multiple procedures might not be safe. Here, we discuss why it makes sense to discuss the realities of combined plastic surgery with an experienced surgeon.

Common Plastic Surgery Combos

When the option of combining procedures is discussed, it is usually to address cosmetic concerns in one region. For example:

  • A facelift and neck lift may occur at the same time to restore shape to the lower face.
  • Blepharoplasty may occur at the same time as a brow lift to erase worry lines and rejuvenate the eyes.
  • A breast lift and augmentation may combine to restore youthful shape and projection to the breasts.
  • Breast surgery and abdominoplasty may combine to reshape the midsection after pregnancy or to correct the signs of aging.

The Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are several reasons why plastic surgery combinations are popular.

Time Savings

A single surgical procedure that includes multiple techniques, like liposuction and a tummy tuck, may take longer. However, overall, the amount of time invested into a combination is less than it would be with multiple, individual surgeries. When we combine procedures, there is one trip to the surgical center, one time under anesthesia, one consultation, and one round of follow-up visits. We should also mention that there is only one recovery.

In general, plastic surgery patients may take one to two weeks off work to allow their bodies to heal sufficiently for most of their normal activities. Some procedures take longer to achieve complete recovery, as in returning to strenuous exercise, but this is usually not extended by combining multiple procedures. For example, mommy makeover patients may go back to work after two weeks of recovery. More strenuous physical activity can usually resume gradually starting four weeks after surgery.

Cost Savings

When procedures are combined into one surgery, the overall cost may be lower than it would be otherwise. This is possible because there is only one surgical center fee, one anesthesia fee, and one course of prescription pain medication. Also, patients are off work only two to four weeks and achieve beautiful improvements within that time.

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